Why you should install iOS 10.3.1 and why not?

Apple has launched its new version few days ago which is iOS 10.3.1. This update has really changes the iPhone users experience as it comes with latest features that iPhone users would love it.


But do you think that this new upgrade will impact a lot in iOS users. Let us know what the benefits of this upgrade are and what are the reasons that will stop you from upgrading it?



Before that you should know for whom this new update is and what its advantages are.

Well before running here and there to update your device with new iOS version, it is also important to know whether the update is really for you or not. This update is for all such users who are having iOS 10 compatible devices like iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4 or later, iPad mini 2 or later along with 6th generation iPod Touch or later.


Why you should install iOS 10.3.1


#1- Create more space


Many iOS users have low storage problem on their device. In fact every smartphone users face this problem some or other day. But this new upgrade comes up with some advantages and after upgrading, it can help you to make few space on your device. So those users who want space, they can go for this update.


#2- User will get better security


If you have a fear of data loss situation then you can go for this upgrade. This upgrade will surely help you to secure your data. If your device is updated to iOS 10.3 then upgrading to iOS 10.3.1 will bring single security patch. But if your device is not updated to iOS 10.3 then upgrading with new version can really secure your device completely.


Why not to install iOS 10.3.1


In fact you have already know the reason why you should go for iOS 10.3.1 but also know the reason why it is bad for you.


#1- Your device’s app will not work properly


Though you have a compatible devices which can easily upgrade to the latest version but after upgrading, all your apps might don’t work. Some apps will work at its best but some of them don’t work or work badly, might sometimes crash or have some other problem. Though there is a chance that some apps will be upgraded on coming days, but till that time, you have to suffer.


Final verdict



This new update is for everyone and those users devices are compatible can go for the upgrade. But before that, you are free to know the reason to upgrade and not to upgrade. One thing is that this new update will improves the performance of the device and also useful in other ways. So enjoy the new upgrade from Apple and see what unique features it provide to users.