How to fix iPhone freezing issue?

Is your iPhone getting freeze while accessing or doing some work? Looking for some ways via which you get rid of iPhone freezing issue?



If yes then this blog will help you to get out of the situation. Read this complete blog carefully and know how to fix iPhone frozen issue in easy way?

Practical scenario


My iPhone 6 Plus keeps hanging (freeze) for past 6 months, I have to reset the whole phone sometimes up to 2 times just to get it to work again. Been a loyal customer (incl my whole family) since gen 1 iPhone, iPads , mac book. Am truly disappointed with the quality now. Didn't bring to service center since day one of the problem because I thought was just some bugs & was sure apple will fix it, but after numerous upgrade of iOS till now,  the problem still persist.


iPhone is no longer the quality I once knew, hope apple can rectify this issue before losing more loyal customers eventually


From: Apple Discussions


Well many iPhone users face such problem and I can understand the difficulty that users face. Though your works gets disturbed but along with that your device makes you irritating. Even many iPhone users even don’t know about the issue and think of how to solve such freezing problem on iPhone?


However you cannot blame single reasons for such problem but there are several causes for it. Some of them are software crash or many times even an outdated iOS version can make your iPhone freeze. So let us know how to fix iPhone freezing problem?


Force restart your iPhone


When you come across freezing issue of your iPhone then restart your device forcefully. This is also known as hard reset. Doing this process, will help you get out of the situation. Also instructed to note that different iPhone models have different methods to force restart so do it properly.


Remove all unused Apps


If you have many unused app and if they are causing your phone to get freeze then its better to delete all those apps without any worry. This is one of the best ways to get rid of such problem. While using your device if you notice that your iPhone is freezing due to particular app then simply remove the app. To do this, press the power button until the power off slider occurs and then press Home button to force shut down the app.


Best way to fix iPhone freezing issue


This problem is really a frustrating one and to get rid of it is very important and immediately. However after trying everything to solve such error, if you don’t succeed then you can go for using iOS System Recovery. This is one of the best and easy ways to solve iPhone freezing problem. This is a third party software which not only solves iPhone freezing issue but also capable to fixing iTunes error or when iPhone/iPad got stuck to recovery mode.