How to Transfer iPhone Notes to PC easily

Nowadays, Smartphone is a common thing with everyone and it seems that nobody can live without their phones. Because it is so affordable and portable that every person can have their data stored on it easily and also and do several task. 

This can prove here, just imagine you are in work and suddenly you have to note down something important but you don’t have any paper or pen to note it down. What would you do? Simply you will take out your device and open the notes app which you have on your iPhone and you will note it down. This is the simple way which people do nowadays.


Though you have saved your task on note app, but what after that? Those notes can also get deleted without knowledge. So, how to prevent from the situation? Don’t worry and read the blog further.


One thing which you should do is whatever notes you have saved on your notes app, you should save them or transfer them on safe place. So how to transfer those notes to other safe place let us know.


How to transfer notes to computer


There are few ways by which you can transfer your saved notes to computer. They are:


Part 1: Transfer iPhone Notes to PC Easily

Part 2: Transfer iPhone notes with iTunes

Part 3: Transfer iPhone Notes via iCloud


Part 1: Transfer iPhone Notes to PC Easily


The very first and best way to transfer your notes to computer is by using professional software such as iOS Data Backup and Restore. With the help of this software, you can easily transfer your iPhone notes to computer without any problem.


Part 2: Transfer iPhone notes with iTunes


Also there is a option where you can transfer your notes to computer via iTunes. But you should know that your notes will get saved on Outlook account. Follow the steps:

  • First connect your iPhone to computer and then open iTunes. Then click on info tab
  • After that go down and select ‘sync Notes with outlook’ and hit on Sync button

When the process is finished, you can see the notes in Outlook application. Now click on Notes icon where you will see all the notes from where you can copy and paste them wherever you want.


Part 3: Transfer iPhone Notes via iCloud


One of the simple and safest places to store your data is uploading on iCloud. For that you have to enable iPhone notes on iCloud. Just follow the steps:

  • Go to settings and click on ‘iCloud’
  • Enter your iCloud account and enable ‘notes’ option.
  • Then go back on ‘notes’ and select ‘iCloud’ as default account
  • Finally, all your iPhone notes will be uploaded on iCloud account which you access easily