Permanently Erase iPhone Data without Restoring

Everyone want new device after using the old device few days. This is because they don’t get the latest features on their old devices. But one thing which is a headache for them is the data stored on it. What to do when you have lots of data on your device and you want to sell it?

Don’t know then get relaxed and go further for complete information.


However this is a common scenario that almost every iPhone users or other smartphone users come across. Even users don’t want to delete all those data because they have a chance to lose all their essential data. But when time comes to give your device to some other person or to sell it, then deleting all data from device is a good choice.


But the main headache is that your data should not be restored. Otherwise third person can use those data illegally. So before selling your device, you should delete every data permanently from your device. Actually what happens is that after you delete your data manually from your device, the data becomes invisible? You think that the data is deleted permanently but it is not like that. After deleting the data, the data is not shown but still available on the device itself.


Almost every one fear that their data is not used by other person. Therefore users do all those things which they know to remove their data completely from their device. But they don’t know that using any recovery software, their data can be easily restored. So why to take so much risk? What to do now?


How to delete every data permanently


Every user ask this question when they fail to wipe out every data from their device. At this situation, you should use third party software which helps to delete every data from your device permanently. iOS Full Data Eraser is one of the best software that is especially used to delete every iOS data from iPhone which is not important.


This is one of the recommended software from many users those who want to delete their iOS data permanently. It has the ability to remove every data such as contacts, photos, audios, videos, username, password, call logs etc. without any chance to recover.


Manual method to delete your iOS data


Do factory reset your iPhone

This is one of the simplest way to wipe out every content from your iPhone. This is used commonly by many user and it does not require any third person. Follow the steps carefully


Step 1: Hit on Settings icon on iPhone.


Step 2: After that move down from the list and select General option



Step 3: Now select Reset option present at the bottom of the list and after that choose Delete All Content and Settings