Resolve “iTunes Error 9” on iPhone/iPad Easily

Errors are common to occur and some or the other day you will face error on your device. But have you faced iTunes error 9? Your phone is a computing device and so there is no guarantee when it might get hang or when it stops working. But it only stops working when there is some problem on device or gets damage. 

Errors are not an easy task to get rid of but it stays on the device until you permanently remove it. Though this error is not common like iTunes error 3014 or iTunes error 17 but has the ability to stop accessing your device completely. Let us know what iTunes error 9 is and how to fix it?


What is iTunes error 9? 


It is known as one of the problem of security software that occurs at the time of upgrading or restoring iOS devices through iTunes. This issue should be solved soon as it stops accessing the device. This error is noticed very common but when it occurs then it requires to resolve soon so that it cannot damage the device further.


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There are several causes of such error to occur. Some of them includes:

• Jailbreaking of iPhone

• Network settings error

• Firewall blocking access to Apple servers


Fixes of iTunes error 9


There are some fixes which can help you to recover from the situation. Some are mentioned below that will provide you to deal with iTunes error 9. They are:


Solution 1: Recovery Mode 


Restoring your iPhone can help you to solve iTunes error 9 easily. But you may face issue on accessing your computer so its better to recover iPhone directly to your device by following the steps.


Setting > General > Reset > Erase All content and settings, after which a pop-up will appear to enter a passcode


Solution 2: Do hard reset your iPhone/iPad


If your software has problem then such type of error might occur. This may occurs when software crashes but can be resolved by its own. You have to press and hold sleep button with Home button all at same time. After holding these for few seconds, release it when Apple logo appears. This option may help you to get out of the situation.


Best way to fix iTunes Error 9


All the above mentioned steps are the best way to fix iTunes error 9. But still if you are unable to repair such error then go for iOS System Recovery software. Using this software will help to fix iTunes error 9 and not only this but also can restore lost or damaged data. This software help users to deal with any type of error on iOS device without losing data.